Sharing is beautiful by ERK

"So you share yoga? What does that mean?" Diego asked, a slight smile breaking through his beard. I thought for a bit, trying to distill the philosophies of yoga and why I choose to share rather than teach.

"It's rather simple. If you feel like yogaing, we yoga." Chin rising in an almost-nod, he processed the words, probably wondering if yoga can also be used as a verb. Looking out the window at the beach, he said, "So, can we yoga?"


And just like that we found ourselves in dandayamana dhanurasana, barefoot on one of the beaches hugging the coast of the Argentine Patagonia, yoga toes grasping at the sand as the chilly wind challenged our balance with gravity. We found ourselves falling over, turning hearty laughter into pranayama.

Diego is a world traveler we met in a sort of happenstance by virtue of the living, breathing, interconnected network of world travelers known as couchsurfers. For about a week we shared what we had, music, films, yoga, ideas, curry. In that week we also met a few of his friends and we learned about a little project they had scheming, Qultural Nomade. The idea was simple, pack up a van full of childhood friends, follow roads to other places, and share art. That was over a year ago when our paths crossed.

Now, the dream is alive and rolling. The van, dubbed the yellow submarine, is a beautiful piece of machinery infecting art and "la buena onda" wherever it finds port. Currently, the crew has taken up anchor in Valparaíso, Chile.

Check out their website and make magic with them if you find yourself wandering the same lands.

Pura vida! 
ERK (Erick / Karma Yoga)